Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Days ...

Just a quick note for tonight. Today I decided I needed some "new" clothes for the Hawaii trip. I have several things that I wore in Mexico last year that will be fine for this trip, and while they are a little baggier, they still fit. Rats. As I've mentioned to many people, I hate those commercials for weight loss products which show a woman squealing, "I lost 18 pounds and 3 dress sizes!!!" I lose 18 pounds and my watch gets loose. Anyway, I hesitated to buy anything at all, citing the typical objections of the overweight shopper: 1) I don't deserve to buy new clothes, 2) Nothing will look good anyway, and 3) why spend a lot of money on clothes that aren't supposed to fit in another few months? So what's the answer? Value Village!!!

I popped in there not expecting to find much, but I walked out with quite a few things - several tops, a beach cover, some great shorts for hiking and/or playing in the ocean, and even a colorful dress. The damage? $38.00! At that price, I don't care if never wear the stuff again. I can donate it, in fact, and have it end up right back where I found it, and where the next chagrined plus-sized shopper can give them yet another new life. Ah, the great circle of apparel.

More later, y'all. Time to color those stubborn greys and apply some sunless tanner.


Corwin8or said...

It's well known that the Mormon-run thrift store Deseret Industries has the best used crap. And cheap! That's where I get my $1.99 T-shirts and 99 cent paperback books.

Plus, just ask and they'll give you a Book of Mormon FREE!!

Irene said...

Mmm - maybe we should have a thrift store "shop-off" contest before our next trip!