Friday, August 26, 2011

"Back Where We Started ....

.... here we go 'round again!"  Who sang that?  The Kinks?   No matter.  In fact, a lot of song titles come to mind right now:  "Let's Do it Again,"  "Just Like Starting Over," "So Easy to Begin," and so on.  But I'm feeling good and charged up, and ready to make it happen, one more time.  C-Man and I have re-committed to living a healthier life and not being overweight anymore.  As he put it, "It's time to drop all the pounds and pack on the money!"   Boy, I do like the sound of that!   Our financial situation is about as tight as my "fat pants," and something's gotta give!  (And it ain't gonna be my seams.)   Actually, losing weight and saving money go together rather nicely.   We'll be eating out less often, and when we do, we won't be ordering alcohol.  (Have you noticed the price of a good margarita lately?  Good grief!)  Plus,  I'll be buying fewer "convenience items" and snacky stuff at the store, so some savings will be realized right away.    While we're on the subject of money, I've decided against going to Weight Watchers again or trying another plan like Jenny Craig, etc.  I don't want to have to spend money when I already know what to do.  As I keep saying, I know how - I just have a hard time sticking with it.  BUT ... I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in my weight loss trick bag - even some secret weapons.   Time to drag them all out and take a look.  Here are some things I know always work for me:

As for food:
  • Avoid simple carbs (white foods - flour, sugar, pasta) as much as possible
  • Eat whole grains in moderation
  • Always have at least a bite of lean protein when eating carbs, even complex carbs
  • Keep good sources of protein ready, like turkey slices, chicken breasts, edamame, egg whites, low-fat string cheese, raw almonds, peanut butter, tofu
  • Water! Water! Water!  (never a problem -  I drink it all day)
  • Fat free milk
  • All the vegetables and fruit I want

As for behavior:
  • Always eat breakfast
  • Keep portions small; meals should be the size of my fist
  • Breathe before eating
  • Put utensils/food down between bites, and chew slowly
  • Pay attention; don't read, work, or watch TV while eating. (Talking to people is ok!)
  • Always check hunger level before deciding to eat something.  Do the "HALT":  Hungry?  Angry? Lonely? Tired?
  • Use small plates
  • Eat small meals rather than snack, and wait 2-1/2 - 3 hours between meals
  • Avoid eating after 8pm
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Exercise every day; aim for 30 minutes of cardio at least 5 times per week
  • Feeling snacky?  Brush teeth, and then drink more water

As for attitude:
  • Listen to hypnosis tapes every day  - (they help a lot if used consistently!)
  • Remember that I can do this, and say or write affirmations daily
  • Take one day at a time
  • Be grateful for my healthy body and treat it with love and respect
  • Visualize the results; set realistic goals and non-food rewards
  • Rejoice in every small victory
  • Be accountable by weighing in once a week (Fridays!), and maintain the blog
  • Keep my sense of humor
  • Tell that sour-faced, impatient critic on my shoulder to shut up and get lost
  • Think about sex and sexy underwear  - (Sorry - too much information?  )

And finally, secret weapons:
  • Diet tonic water with lime - tastes like a cocktail
  • Fat free canned evaporated milk- great cream substitute for coffee or making soups 
  • Wasa crackers - very filling, crunchy, and four whole ones are only 1 WW point
  • Sugar-free jello - eases the sweet tooth
  • Celery with peanut butter - yum!
  • Soup - good for healthy meal and slow eating
  • Baby carrots and sliced cucumbers
  • Popcorn (no butter, naturally)
  • Skinny Cows!   Only 1 or 2 WW points, and a great treat when you've gotta have one!

So there we are.  I can do this.  There's no more crappy food in the house, I have a gym membership, a blog, a supportive husband, and I even have a month before school starts again.  Today is Friday and I did go back and weigh myself.  Gulp.  I'm just 10 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight ever.   Here's a picture of me with my sisters.  (Can you guess which one is me??)  Interestingly, I'm wearing the same top I wore in the picture I posted on my first blog entry exactly two years ago.  All right, so the last two years got away from me, but not this time.   Stay tuned, and if anyone out there is in the same boat, I'm with you!


Corwin Haeck said...

Great post! I feel lighter already.

Matt said...

Right on! You can do this...and so can I. :-) I opted to go back to WW on a weekly basis. It costs, but considering the amount I was eating out and snacking before today, it'll balance out pretty quickly.

Joanna said...

Yes, that's true! Besides, it's an investment in your health and future. We're gonna make it happen. Hugs!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Wonderful post, Irene! It's a pain that packaged food is so bad for you. If you shop the health food section of places like Fred Meyer you can find some that aren't as bad, but even then you have to read the lables. The crockpot is a good answer to simple cooking.

Matt said...

You bet we are! :) (btw, yeah that IS a Kinks tune - Do It Again)