Monday, August 10, 2009

Down to the Wire

Greetings, Cyberland -

Please forgive the corny salutation. I am an inexperienced blogger. So why am I here? Simply, I'm on a mission, and I need witnesses. In exactly one month, I am going to Hawaii with my boyfriend. When we decided to go on this trip many months ago, the idea was that we (I, especially) would shed a multitude of pounds and buff up for the beach. This trip would be, in essence, a reward for our hard work. More importantly, however, I would be - for all and finally - at my ideal weight. My new life as a "not overweight person" would begin.

Right. Well, as with most of my weight loss efforts, this one got off to a wobbly start and then stalled. (My boyfriend has been pretty successful in dropping a pant size.) However, in the last 7 weeks or so, I have started a new hypnosis program, and I also invested in "Mitch Gaylord's G-Ball Melt-it-Off" program - As seen on TV!!!! I like it, but it's one tough bitch of a workout! Anyway, in the first few weeks of the hypnosis program, I lost ten pounds. Then I started working out and put two back on. Ok, it happens sometimes.

I haven't weighed myself for a couple weeks since then. Let me explain that weighing myself is about as pleasant as to me as chewing on tin foil. This aversion to the scale goes way back to early childhood, and more of that sad tale will be revealed as this blog goes along. For now, I am only focusing on what I can achieve in the next 30 days. Weigh-in day is Wednesday. I will find out if I actually am making progress or if I've just been deceiving myself, once again.

I'm hoping this blog will keep me honest about what I'm doing or not doing. Plus, I'm looking forward to purging a few demons. Isn't that partly what blogs are for? Should anyone pop in here and take a peek, please know that I do not need diet advice. I know what to do. What I need is accountability - to myself and my deadline. Encouragement would be welcome, though!

My short term goal is simply to shape up as much as I can before attempting to stuff myself into a bathing suit again. I know I can at least firm up a bit. After that, I will continue pursuing my goal of reaching and maintaining my ideal weight forever. Again, this will be a major achievement, for many reasons. There is much more of my story to come, but like anything else, it's best to start at the beginning. This is the beginning. Tomorrow will be Day One of my one month count-down to September 11. (Ominous, yes.) Stay tuned.


Corwin8or said...

Woo-hoo! (Ow, it hurts when I do that! D&%m you, Mitch Gaylord!)

(That's all I got at 3:35 am.)

verification word: hakedo (hake-do?)

Irene said...

Feeling sore, eh? I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a "two-pack"! Of course, it was sitting on top of a pile of potatoes..... Hmpf.