Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to Get Motivated, Again

Today has been a good day. The food/exercise element went just fine, and I also got to enjoy an easy, stressless day. The weather was glorious - warm and clear - hospitable to all. The dog, cats, and fish are no worse for wear from our absence (thank you, Leah!), and life is officially back to normal. The C-Man and I did our strength training plus abs G-Ball workout today. Even though my quads were burning from the few days away from this DVD, I know I've made real progress in my fitness level. The core work is much easier now. Both of us pushed to the next level of difficulty in a few of the exercises. Man, a little effort goes a long way. I feel good, but I'm still looking the same. Sigh.

I also worked on cutting back on eating as much as I could today. I'm already on Day 14 of this countdown, which means there are less than three weeks to go until our trip. I'm wondering if I can lose another 10 pounds between now and the 11th. This is a hard part in the process. I know I'm working on long-term change, but I have this short-term goal which just can't be reached fast enough. I try not to be discouraged. Ah, impatience... . It has tripped me up many times before. Good thing I've got the hypnosis tapes to keep me grounded. I need to listen more consistently now that I'm home.

So .... I guess that's it. I may have to break down on Wednesday and weigh myself so I won't feel so lost and stuck. Evidence of even a small loss could give me the boost I need. Time's runnin' out and I'm still in the same clothes!! The change needs to happen, and now.


Corwin8or said...

You want a motivator? How about cold,hard cash?

Need a little walkin'-around dough over there in Kaua'i?

My offer: For every pound you lose between now and the day we fly out, I will pay you twenty bucks cash money.

This is probably offensive or immoral in some way, huh? When I was a kid, I occasionally would hear about parents who paid their kids 'x' dollars for every 'A' they earned in school, less for a 'B,' and so on. The concept made me feel weird, for reasons I couldn't articulate.

Having said all that, my offer stands! :)

Irene said...

You are a sweetie, and your heart was in the right place with that offer. But no, that wouldn't be a good idea. Frankly, it would just feel creepy. You shouldn't be paying me for something I'm doing for myself.

I agree that parents shouldn't offer kids money for good grades. Knowledge, learning, and hard work should carry intrinsic rewards for kids, and paying them obscures those values. As for dollars per pound, my dad tried that with me once when I was a kid. Our arrangement wasn't successful and didn't last long. I don't remember exactly why.

Anyway, the best way for you to motivate me is to keep on being supportive the way you have been. That being said, I believe we discussed a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret as a celebration for reaching my goal. Is that still on? I'm totally up for that! XOXO