Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Effort Continues

Good morning. It's Day 17 of the Hawaii countdown. That means I have two weeks to trim, smooth, and firm myself before braving the beach. Yikes! Well, as C-Man said yesterday, "Maybe we won't be 'buff' on the beach, but we'll be buf-fer." Absolutely. That's the spirit!

We did our 60-minute, nuclear meltdown G-Ball workout (with Coach Mitch and his droids). And both of us gained a new appreciation for having the other as a workout partner. We were both a little tired when he came by at three, and since my trip last week, we haven't been able to spend much quality time together, so it would have been very easy to just cuddle up on the couch and chit-chat. As it happens, we did take a few minutes stretched out on our mats, commiserating over the headaches of clogged shower drains, cat box odor, and other irksome household issues. As I said, it was very tempting to chuck the workout, snuggle up and talk for an hour, and then take the dog for a quick walk, calling it good.

But no - C-Man stood up, saying, "C'mon, let's do this!" All right - he was right. So we started the workout, "giving it our all," as Mitch always urges, and after the first circuit we were both drenched and breathing hard. Then as Mitch was calling for us to re-hydrate before starting the whole sequence over again, C-Man looked up from his mat and said, "That's enough. I'm done." Was he kidding? "No you're not," I responded. "Get up. We're doing the whole thing."

And so we did. This workout is designed to get more difficult as you improve, so even though some the exercises are easier than before, now we have to "take it to the next level ..... get out your comfort zone," as Mitch constantly admonishes. (God I hate those expressions!) "Give it all you've got! Lunge farther, jump higher, go for the gold!!" Oy - all right already!

Anyway, thanks to each other, C-Man and I managed to fulfill our promise to keep on working and getting into shape. We're set for Friday, too. In fact, he suggested that we do TWO workouts a day this weekend, like in NFL training. Sure - I'm game if he is. Two weeks is NOT very much time. Good thing we don't mind seeing each other all sweaty and cranky. As for today, I think I'll take the dog for a quick walk and call it good.

Oh, I did break down and weigh myself yesterday. I was hoping I might have lost a couple more pounds, which would give me some needed reinforcement and help build some momentum. I was also a little afraid that I could have gained a little weight, or perhaps stayed the same after my travels and somewhat liberal "party eating." And the result was ..... I've lost another 1/2 a pound. Yea. Oh well, at least I didn't gain anything. A loss is a loss, right? At this rate, I'll make my goal by my 100th birthday! I'll be the sexiest thing at the old folks' home! And boy, will I be ready to party.


Deborah said...

You're looking at this backwards -- any other vacation you would eat whatever and come home a few pounds heavier. Here you went to Peoria, ate carefully, even "partied", and you came home and you had LOST half a pound!! That's a VICTORY, girlfriend!! It doesn't matter how much you lost. You LOST WEIGHT! I'm proud of you!!

Corwin8or said...

Great post (and a great image to go with it - - yes, it can be a Syssiphean (sp?) task).

And since you said everything I was going to say, I'm just going to copy your post and paste it into MY blog!

Irene said...

Thanks, Deb! The support is very helpful to me!

MrsMadPanda said...

I agree with Deb! And when you feel that 1/2 a pound isn't very much, take out 2 sticks of butter and feel just how much that really is! Great going Irene, keep up the good work!